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Importance of the Intellectual Property And Technology Licensing King Saud University is proud to have among its faculty a host of inventive scientists. KSU is the top institution in the Arab world in terms of international patents registered by its faculty. There are currently 11 faculty members at KSU who have registered their patents in the United States and in the European Union, for which they have won King Abdulaziz Medals in 1425 and 1427H.
The distinguishing feature of the patents registered by KSU faculty was its high scientific and commercial value since they are of an applied nature, contributing directly to the solution of existing problems or bringing about innovative methods or new products in the industrial and medical fields. However, so far the process of registering the patents of KSU scientists has been done through their individual effort or through the assistance of the companies that sponsored their research.
This problem gave rise to the importance of creating an Intellectual Property And Technology Licensing at KSU so that it will be the channel through which innovators at KSU and the public can register their patents and receive rewarding royalties through licensing them.