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Council of Deans

Functions of the Council of Deans :
Council is chaired by the Rector of the University and its membership includes HE agents university deans and Deanships and Dean of the Center of University Studies for Girls and supervising the Mrkzalalom and medical studies , as well as the Secretary General of the Council . And can invite other people to attend the meeting as needed. Council seeks to discuss issues and developments and the views of the members of the Council on them in order to reach the best solutions , visions and applications at the university level . The topics that you need to take formal decisions they present through the University Council.

Board members:

The members of the Council of Deans consists of agents university , the deans Deanships , colleges inside and outside the campus. As well as university colleges outside the city of Riyadh , and community colleges. As well as three constituent colleges , and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies Center for Girls, overseeing the departments of science and the Malaz medical studies .

Contact the Council of Deans :

Secretary General of the Council of Deans
D . Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al-Tamimi
0176 467 1 ( 966 + )
Secretary of the Council:
Abdullah Mohammed Sunaidi
0161 467 1 ( 966 + )
  Fax: 0533 467 1 ( 966 +)

Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:01am